Lee Bader is a Meisner trained actor as well as the co-founder of Bread Break Productions, a production company which champions women-made content. She has appeared on television and film, her recent credits include Mable Miller: Female Serial Killer and Sofia. Her writing and producing credits include: Interwoven, a Blackpills contest finalist, as well as Super Lady, which was an official selection at the Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival.




A female centric dramedy. The series follows two women on the opposite ends of a suicide prevention hotline as their lives begin to unexpectedly intertwine. The show was a finalist at the Blackpills pilot competition and is currently in pre-production. 

Super Lady

An award nominated short centered around a director's misguided attempt at gender equality in film. The short was an official selection by the WANDA: Feminism and Moving Image in addition to Moving Image and Grand Rapids Feminist Film Festival.

Follower Decrease

A Bread Break Production commercial parody PSA about the turbulence of loosing Instagram followers. The short was an official selection at the Hollywood Screenings Film Festival as well as at the ESMoA Video Art & Film Festival.

Fund Me

Written and produced by Lee Bader, Fund Me tells the story of Stacy, a self-obsessed millennial attempting to crowd-fund her film. The short explores what happens when entitlement meets reality. Fund Me is currently in post-production.